Spaghetti and Sun...

I made spaghetti today for the first time this year! It was so delicious, and I definitely have left overs. I was so excited to eat something substantial, for my own cooking that is.

The sun was shining so brilliantly that I couldn't resist going for a walk this afternoon. It was still a bit chilly, cold enough to turn my ears and face red, but I had a good time. I didn't wear my coat, so that could be why I was a little bit cold.

This morning in church, the pastor encouraged us to be "socially disruptive". An odd concept, I know, but he told us to help others see that our society is not perfect. We need to shake up our churches and other Christians to put people in action, and not to become complacent. An important concept that has constantly been coming up is "prayer". North Americans do not pray enough. We become so comfortable with our every day life and business that we rarely set aside time to pray diligently for change to happen in our lives and the lives of those around us. I have been trying to pray more, and not only for myself, but I have been trying to pray more for others. One of the best acrostics I heard for a life motto was "JOY"... Jesus, Others, and you. Putting God first is so important, but so hard in this age of technology where other things are so quick to take up our time and distract us from Him. Once we put God first, then we must focus on others, caring, thinking and praying for them. Only then should we think about ourselves. I tend to be so selfish, and most of my prayers are about me and how I can change. It's going to take a while to get out of this habit. Not that it's bad, but when I do that, then I forget to pray for others, or I don't have time.

I encourage you all to examine your prayer life, and see where you are doing a good job and where you are lacking. I pray that God will show you how you can change, and focus more on Him, and I hope that you will do the same for me!

Have a great night...

Love, Ash

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ash
Good to hear you are trying out your culinary skills and enjoying the results as well!
I will have to think about taking lessons from you to rebuild my own skills one of these days! LOL!

Glad you got out to enjoy the lovely weather for you afternoon walk. It was a great day for doing that.

The message you received at church has stimulated you to think more about your prayer life.
We could all benefit by re-evaluating our own lives in this regard.
Lots of luv NAN Xoxo