The End is Near...

I can't believe my last day of classes is April 11. I don't know what to do with myself. I have an incredible amount of homework that I have due, and VERY little amount of time to do it all. Need I say more? Incredibly, I am not stressing. I would like to say that it is because I can feel God's presence so near to me that I don't have to worry. Sometimes that is true. However, I feel the reason why I am not stressing is because I am choosing to pretend that the work doesn't exist. I believe that the amount of homework that I have due is all subjective. It is a figment of my imagination, and is all relative to my situation...*

Ya right. However, I have decided that it is better to start working away at one thing rather than focusing on the mountain that is before me. So, I chip away. And to amuse myself in classes, I write poetry. (for clarification, I haven't done this in a LONG time, and I actually was paying attention to the lecture WHILE writing...inconceivable!)

I want to run like a jaguar,
Swim like a barracuda,
Fly like the toucan.

I want to jump like a squirrel,
Walk like a lion,
Dance like the butterfly.

I want to laugh like a stream,
Cry like a waterfall,
Sing like the waves.

I want to scream like a howling wind,
Shout like the owl in the dead of night...

I want to be silent,
Then perhaps I will be heard.


I hope you have a blessed day!

Love, Ash

*I blame the use of philosophical terms in this blog on my philosophy of religion class. It alters my mind...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Again
I guess from now on this will be a big part of your day's agenda as you chip away at the assignments which are due.
As you say, try not to stress too much and project the whole amount at one sit!
Just work away at the thing at hand and hopefully everything will come together in the end!

We always enjoy your poems but do try to keep your mind on the lessons while you are in class!