Back into the swing...

School is now getting to the mountainous stage. The part of the show that climaxes. The part where Ashleigh has to step it up a thousand notches. I am now trying not to freak out over how much I have due in the next few weeks. This semester ends in about 7 or 8 weeks.

I had an amazing week-end, because Mel and Vaness came and visited me. We went out for dinner on Friday night with my friends Darryl and Laurie, went to the mall on Saturday, and had some sweet chill time. It was one of my favourite week-ends this year so far! I had so much fun!

The weather today was so wonderful. I couldn't get enough of it! My favourite time of the year is when it is balmy enough to go outside without a coat, and to don the infamous flip-flops. God is so good!

Love, Ash

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ash,
I am just a bit delayed in getting to reply but here I am!
I am glad you had such a good weekend with your sisters,
I was great that you got to have that time to hang out together and just have lots of fun.
I am sure they enjoyed being there with you too.

I know that these next few weeks will be pretty heavy ones as you finish up the assignments and prepare for the final tests and exams.
Try to have a plan to organize the time so that it doesn’t all pile up at the last.
As always, we will continue to pray for you.
Lots of luv NAN xoxo