It's Only Just Begun...

I decided that this Christmas I was going to do some fun things, and random things, and just enjoy this time of the year. So, I got home yesterday-one of my friends from school dropped me off on her way home, which was a real blessing(I didn't have to buy a bus ticket). It was really nice of her and her Dad!

I spent time with the fam last night, and then today I woke up around 10:15, and then meandered around the house until my dentist appointment. Ruth-Ann invited me to go to a Christmas dinner with her church(the one I used to go to). I was really happy to go, and mostly because I won't see her for very much longer, as she is going away to Alberta to Bible college. It was a fun night, and after the dinner a bunch of us went to Tim hortons to hang out for a bit, and then I came home. So, it was a great time altogether.

I have so many things planned to do this holiday, and yet with so little time, I don't know how I can accomplish them all. one thing that I know I MUST do is tobagganing at midnight. It should be a blast!!!

Love to all, and don't forget that Jesus is the reason for the season!!!

Love, Ash

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Anonymous said...

Hello my darling

So glad you have finally gotten through the first semester and the exams are now finished.

It is always good to be home with the family and I know that they have been waiting for your return as well

May it be a wonderful time for all.

We are looking forward to our time with you as well.

We love Jesus too

Lots of luv NAN xoxo