Are you on maternity leave?

I can't count the number of times I have been asked that question.  I get it, people are curious, they want to know what my plans are for the future.  I wish I had a typical response for them, something like, "Why yes, the day after he turns 1 I'll be returning to my job as {insert occupation here}".  But aren't there any other mothers in my camp?  Are there any moms who didn't really have a full time job before the baby, or who have no job to go back to, moms with the ability and maybe even a little desire to work again after the year is up (to help hubby with income) but can't imagine not spending every day with a face like this? 

So I got my TESOL certification, which means that there are no limits to where I could teach, which also means I could teach from home. OR I could meet students in a coffee shop.  It doesn't matter.  

And yet.

I don't know what I want to do, and it's hard to think about that since a lot of my day is still taken up looking after and spending time with Adrian.  So if you want a tried and true honest-to-goodness answer, here is what you could ask:

What do you and Adrian enjoying doing together?

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Having a laugh
We listen/dance to music
We eat food
We go for walks
We [sometimes] nap
We go for rides on the bus
We read books at the library
We spend time with other friends
We plan ways to surprise 'daddy'
We read books
We exercise
We play in the bathtub
We read the Bible and pray 
We laugh
We tickle each other (mostly Mommy tickling
and baby grabbing/biting/kicking)
We play with toys
We sing and talk
We play games 
We wait for 'daddy' to come home and make us laugh

We love being together!

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On a walk

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