Beauty is All Around...

Yesterday as we were walking, I noticed some Queen Anne's lace lining the sidewalk.  When I was a child, this particular wildflower was one of my favourites, particularly for the smell.  I picked a small one that didn't have a bug in the middle, and held it up to my nose.  Ah. That smell brings me back.  I held it under Adrian's nose, and it must have tickled his nostrils, for he laughed, then tried to grab it.  He's usually into eating everything so at first I held it while he looked at it, but then withdrew my hand while he inspected it further.  

Imagine seeing a flower for the first time.  Beauty is all around us.  Let's not miss out on the small moments.

Love, Ashleigh

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Erika said...

Ashleigh, I always enjoy the simple yet profound things you say.
I really enjoyed reading this small but wonderful post.