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Many people gave us recipe books as wedding gifts. I think that's kind of a standard thing to do, especially if they know you like cooking. My mom gave us quite a few, namely Company's Coming, with titles such as "Slow-Cook Recipes" or "The Potato Book". Jake and I absolutelylove the slow cook book, especially since I work so late. It comes in handy to have a nice meal ready as soon as we get in the door.

In our meal planning ventures for this week, we had deemed yesterday the "Chicken/carrot/potato" day, unsure of what we would make. Out came The Potato Book, and I checked off a few recipes that seemed interesting or if we had all the ingredients. We decided upon latkes, which, I'm told by "reliable" sources, are a Jewish treat around the time of Channukah. At first glance it looks easy-grate the potatoes, grate the onions, mix in an egg, some flour, and salt and pepper, and Voila!, a nice side to your meal.

Not if you have the world's crappiest grater. I was so frustrated, but too stubbourn to let Jake help me, even though he asked me two or three times if I wanted him to do it. No, I was gonna take the pain, make myself the martyr, beat these potatoes into submission if I had to. (It was a lame sort of determination that I need to work on, ok?)


All suffering aside, they kinda turned out like this:

MMMMM, fried deliciousness. Yes, they were worth all the effort. Jake and I enjoyed a delicious meal after all (especially the chicken with shawarma sauce that he made).


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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling
Recipe books are always fun to enjoy and experiment with new ideas.

It sounds like you will have many opportunities as you have so many different types to work with.

It has been many years since I was first introduced to latkes by some Jewish friends and ventured to make some for my family.
I hope you tried them with sour cream as that is one of the traditional ways of serving them if I remember correctly.
I hope if you are going to do things that need to have a grater, that you will invest in a good one, as that can be quite frustrating if it doesn't work well.
I still have mine that are "from the arc" ! In other words, the ones I got when I got married.
They don't look that great but they still work pretty good. ( A set of three different sizes)
I am not sure what they have these days but I am sure if you are going to be a great "grater", that you may want to investigate and see what they have these days.
Perhaps the Pampered Chef may be a good starting place to check out.
Anyway the picture that you shared of the finished product, looks like they were well worth all your hard work and I am sure were very palatable.
Happy cooking
Lots of luv NAN XOXO