Bleary Eyed Wonder...

How often have I thought that staring at the computer is a massive waste of time? How often do I say to myself, "I should be doing homework..." or "I should be doing the dishes..."?

Well, it only happens every time I'm on the computer. I never feel guilt free while staring catatonic at the screen. And tonight, I have more important things to do. Like finishing my Bible reading for yesterday AND today. And doing some more reading for that book report that's due on Feb. 15.

However, I will say one thing before I go. This week-end was a blast. I drove up to my hometown and spent some time with one of my besties Ruth-Ann. It's her birthday tomorrow, and we wanted to celebrate in style. And if celebrating in style means watching "Maid in Manhattan" and sinking our teeth into gooey spelt cinnamon buns, well, that's perfection :) I also had a chance to visit Mom, Dad, and the whole gang, including Zena, their new German Shepherd puppy. She's so cute! Then I headed on over to Mel and Nathanael's house, where I expertly received a parking ticket for parking on the street overnight. It was well worth it to catch up with the newlyweds, and even sleep over there.

Needless to say, it was wonderful to reunite with Jake this afternoon over a lovely lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches after church; then, since naps are where it's at on Sunday afternoons, we slept and let the sleep fairies dance across our eyelids, not caring a bit about the Superbowl that was about to commence.

I must away, and apparently speak in a language one likens to Jane Austen. *Sleep, please come swiftly tonight!*


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