I have wanted to blog for a while, but here we are, a month later, and I am still feeling blank. I have started reading some other people's blogs, and have been feeling very underqualified. In some ways, I suppose I feel like my blogs aren't "every day" enough, or aren't descriptive enough. I struggle with comparison a lot. It's so hard to remember that I am unique, and God created me with passions and topics to write about that no one else does. Ai ai ai. Hopefully it will sink in soon.

On a lighter note, Jake and I both have full time jobs again. Jake got laid off a week ago, and I haven't had a full time job since-well, I can't remember. We were both rather downcast, but I suppose that our wonderful Creator had some other plans in mind-to remind us of His love and provision for us. It was literally only five days that Jake went from being laid off to having another job. If that isn't a miracle from the Lord, then I don't know what is! I have a job at, yup, you guessed it, our most beloved coffee shop. I have no time to remind myself of that relentless, clingy smell that lingers long after one leaves. I am simply marveling at God's grace, and His timing couldn't be better. So, if you think of us, please pray that God will provide Jake & I with some time to ourselves, as well as the energy to press on and complete the tasks we need to (like me and my homework that needs to be done as I type).

I've started doing a pilates video, which is by Denise Austin. It's called Shrink your Fat Zones, and I hope it works, because I have been in so much pain for the past 3 days. The three places it targets are your upper body, your core, and then your legs/butt/thighs. Jake was surprised I've been so diligent with it, since most of the other work-out vids have been collecting dust and cobwebs. The trick is this: she wants you to do it for 21 days to see results. I've heard that you can form a habit if you do it for 21 days. I suppose the reason I am eager to do it every day is because I have a goal. I have something I can look forward to completing in 21 days. Hopefully it works :)

I hope everyone has a great week-end!



Singinglady said...

Hi my sweet angel
Good to get your blog tonight with your update.
You must never put your writing down because as you said you do indeed have your own unique style and so many of us enjoy reading your words.

So glad that in spite of Jake's layoff that he was able to get something else right away and even though TH is not your first choice of employment, a steady paycheck will help to tide things over for the time being.
God is looking after you
Hope that you can keep up with the studies and that procrastination will not take over.
The palates exercise regime sounds pretty brutal but if you can persevere I am sure that there will be gain through the pain .
We love you both very much and we will continue to pray for God's guidance and direction on the days ahead
Lots of love NAN

Life is often trying, but you need not be fearful. God loves you, and He will protect you. In times of hardship, He will comfort you; in times of change, He will guide your steps. When you’re troubled or weak or sorrowful, God is always with you. Build your life on the Rock that cannot be moved. Because He’s always with you, you can always trust Him.

It is a joy that God never abandons His children. He guides faithfully all who listen to His directions. Corrie ten Boom

On God's path said...

Doesn't look too blank to me Ashleigh it looks like you have a lot on your mind. I know that it has not been that easy for you the last few months with limited work. I am glad that God worked everything out with Jake considering how quick it was for him to find something else. I am also glad that you have a full-time job, but sad that it had to be Timmies. I will pray for you regarding that. I will be emailing you back soon as well. Thanks for sharing.