Brasil Won AGAIN!!!

Well, this picture was taken in April, and if I had known that I could put pictures on here, I would have done so. However, this was during the rainy season. I loved it then, becaue it could be so dark in one part of the sky, and right beside it it would be clear skies!!! This was about 5 or 6 PM, and you can see that it was really dark in Brasília. Andréa and I were driving towards Àguas Lindas, and the sky was really clear and a beautiful sunset was taking place. What a beautiful sky!
I know this is old news, but I did try to write on Thursday after the game. The computer wasn't working, so I gave up!
Brasil won the game over Japan, 4-1. Everyone went crazy though, because Japan got the first goal of the game. My goodness, they played really hard against Brasil!
It was really hard to say goodbye to André. Celça and the girls are still here, and they will go to Natal later on.
Wednesday and Friday I taught our classes at Vôo Livre without Sadie, all by myself. She is sick, unfortunately. I think she has arthritis in her legs, so the doctor gave her some strong medicine and she wasn't allowed to walk around.
So, it was tiring but fun teaching by myself. I like the classes in Águas Lindas, because the kids are really helpful when I speak in Portuguese. It went really well, but I never realized that you can get tired from teaching! LOL
Now I appreciate all the hours that my teachers in highschool spend preparing and teaching classes!
I was really surprised to hear though, that one of the students in my morning class, Jardilene, moved to São Paulo! I didn't even know she was moving, and so I was kind of upset. I guess she came on Thursday to say goodbye, but there were no music or knitting classes then because Sadie wasn't there. I wish that she had told me she was leaving, because now I will never see her again! She was a really quiet girl, though, so I guess she was just shy about saying anything.
Anyways, life goes on, I guess.
Almost all the students want to know when Graça is coming back. I think that they miss her alot, they love her as a teacher!
A group of women from Canada are coming up in July, and Joyce told me that they are expecting me to translate for them....ya, not too sure how that's going to work, but we'll see.
Today I asked Vera if she needed any help with lunch. Usually she says no, but today she told me to make the salad. Ok, I figured, that's fine. Just wash the lettuce and cut up the tomatoes and we're all set. I started washing the lettuce, and noticed that it is WAY dirtier than the lettuce we get in Canada. I made sure I got what looked like little spots of dirt off. When I was all done I looked in the water and saw that the little "spots" were little BUGS!!! so I was really disgusted and washed all the lettuce again! So that was an interesting experience!
Love to you all, and please take care. Enjoy the pic.
Love, Ash

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SInging Lady said...

Hello there Ash
Wow! What a lovely picture!
You should enter that in the fall fair. There is a category for night photos. !! It is really beautiful!
Congrats that you have now learned to download your pix!
We were excited for you that Brazil won on Thursday.
We listened on our way up to Graham’s grad but they were tied 1-1 at half time and we didn’t hear until later that they had won again!
Great celebrations going on there I would imagine after that. When do they play again?
Our allegiance was a bit split, as we wanted to be supportive of Josh Grisdale, who is in Japan on missions right now as well.
However we did give the cheers for your team!
You are really moving in now with all this teaching on your own!!
Way to go girl!
How exciting that must be, to be able to have this experience.
I am sure that you will do well when you help the group coming in July as well.
Sorry you missed saying good-bye to your friend from school though.
Glad you got rid of those little “black critters”! They might have been a bit crunchy in the salad!

We are off now to the Stovell’s farewell Barbeque.
It will be sad to see them leave as well.
I will fill you in on more when I have the time.
Lots of luv. Nan xoxoxo