What I'm Into: December 2015 Edition

In the Kitchen
Taco Tuesdays...need I say more? Try this Korean beef recipe and you won't be disappointed!

I love pretty much anything from Budget Bytes, but this Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta is to die for. I looked at the recipe, and laughed when I read "1/4 cup parmesan".  A QUARTER CUP of cheese? Just a quarter cup? No, there's got to be a mistake. Well, I took the matter into my own hands and, omitting the parmesan completely, added an entire package of Herb & Garlic Boursin cheese. Oh yes. That made my heart (and belly!) happy.

On my Night table 
Currently Reading: (see sidebar)
Winter's Heart, Robert Jordan: Still trekking with the three ta'veren as they save the world from the evil that threatens to take over.  This is book nine of fourteen-a long investment, but if you like fantasty, it's worth it!

The Ersatz Elevator, Lemony Snickets (A Series of Unfortunate Events): This Junior fiction series is so depressing but cleverly written. Count Olaf is trying to get his hands on the Baudelaire orphans' inheritance, and each book tells a different tale of how they escape his clutches, but only just. 

What a Difference a Mom Makes, Dr. Kevin Leman: This book is written for mothers of boys, specifically, and it was very insightful.  I would highly recommend it; Dr. Leman covers a lot of ground, and caters to moms of all ages. 

Dad is Fat, Jim Gaffigan: I've never seen his comedy shows live, but I've heard he's pretty clean, and his book was excellent.  I found myself laughing out loud, and nodding my head in agreement as he talks about parenting his five children and shared about his comedic and chaotic life.

Through my headphones
Songza playlists, Audien's Something Better , Sia's Alive

Blogilates- Loving Cassey's workouts still. Keep up with her monthly calendar, and you'll notice some amazing results!

In the Word
Jake and I have been trying to spend intentional time together in the Word.  Twice a week we read a chapter of a C.S. Lewis book and then a chapter in Ecclesiastes.  It's been really great for us to take our relationship to a deeper level with the Lord.  Over the years of our marriage we've always struggled with this, so I'm hoping the discipline will stick.

As far as my own study goes, I've been tracking with the She Reads Truth app, doing a Hymn study and a Gratitude study.


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