What I'm Into: January 2015 Edition...

In the Kitchen
Coffee, coffee and more coffee.  And the odd cup of tea. But I've been obsessed with drinking coffee.  We were bad and splurged on a big box of chicken nuggets at Costco, and paired with some roasted potatoes and a salad it's a pretty tasty meal.  I bought some gnocchi thinking Adrian would enjoy it, which he did (the first time), but now I'm addicted to it, especially with a little bit of rose sauce on top.  Also, smoothies made in my new Magic Bullet.  I think I'm in love.

On my Night table 
Currently Reading: 
The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan: This fantasy novel is the first of fourteen, which may seem a little daunting at first, but I must say that I'm quite hooked.  The characters are likeable, relatable, and the story is interesting and suspenseful, a Lord of the Rings-esque tale woven with themes of good versus evil. 

State of Wonder, Ann Patchett: One of the best books I read last year, it was the adventure book to sate any adventure lover's appetite.  With the majority of the book taking place in the Amazons of Brazil, it's no wonder I was so captivated!

Love in a Broken Vessel, Mesu Andrews: It's been a while since I've read some cheesy Christian fiction, but I think this one accomplished its goal.  The story was Hosea from the Bible, and his struggles with God's call for him to take a prostitute as a wife.  I thought Andrews did a great job of focusing the book on his desire to obey his God at the ire of his wife.  It actually made me want to go back to the Bible and read Hosea all over again.  I think that is what Christian fiction books should do, give us the desire to get into the word and hear what God has to say.  

Delicious!, Ruth Reichl: Oh my, what a tasty book full of delectable descriptions of gustatory delights!  I would recommend this one for all the foodies out there, especially if you love a little dive into mystery, intrigue, and World War II.  This novel set in present day New York will gratify your senses. 

Through my headphones
Music from 'Annie'- I watched the new 'Annie' this week in theaters, and the music was not disappointing!  They stuck to the original music, but added to it making it their own, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It's definitely worth it to go and pick up the soundtrack or buy it from iTunes.

'Irresistible', Fall Out Boy- This track is a delight to all brass players, with underlying horns blasting over a rock rift.  Perfect! 

Anything Pentatonix.  Acapella just rocks!

Readings in my Bible
I've started the new plan on She Reads Truth for reading the Bible in one year.  Haven't done this in a while, so I'm looking forward to reading some of those obscure and difficult texts that I usually avoid!  I would actually like to read it in 3 months, so I need to pick a time to do that as well.  


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