Hibernating Like a Dream...

Happy New Year, and all that.  2015 is here, and with it resolutions, new beginnings, vacation plans, and the snow that by-passed December.  This frigid cold is too much for babies, and even a quick jaunt to the library can seem like forever when the wind is cutting like ice to bone.  So we stay in, we wait for Jake to come back with the car, and we pretend we're keeping to a schedule and doing things.  Why yes, honey, I did the dishes...maybe one.  Maybe two.  But I did them! And of course Adrian napped today, I mean, how could one baby stay awake for 10 hours straight and not need a nap?

I mean, really.  

Jake was transferred to the distribution centre in town, which means his commute is cut in half and it's much safer driving at 5:30am when the roads aren't exactly pristine.   I'm thankful for the option of driving him to work when I need the car for an appointment- not that waking up that early is my idea of a good time. 

We started off the New Year with celebrating my mom-in-law's birthday, and then a couple of days later we took Adrian to the Butterfly Conservatory.

Jake with a large walking stick

Adrian enjoyed watching the butterflies!

Family photo!!!

Watching the waterfall..and wishing he could swim in it

Right now, I'm dreaming of coffee and biscotti dipped in hazelnut spread, and a sleepy baby.  And the book that I'm finishing (which means the beginning to a 14 book series--more on that later-and-what-did-I-get-myself-into?!)


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