Furry Little Thing...

So, we got a cat. Pepper is about 2 or 3 years old, and is a beautiful grey colour.  She belonged to some good friends of ours who for various reasons were willing to part ways with her.  

We're happy to welcome her into our home since we have a bit of a mice problem, and she was rumoured to be very good at catching mice.  She's proving that today, since we've only had her for five days and she's already playing with her prey in our sunroom.  It's fascinating to watch a cat play with a mouse, just as it's traumatic to watch the poor mouse shake and quiver in fear, knowing that its escape attempts are in vain.

Some of you may know that I have cat allergies, but I'm pleased to say that they haven't been too bad since she's come.  I try to wash my hands soon after petting her, since touching my face causes me to itch and my nose to run.  Frequent cleaning and quick passes with the vacuum will also decrease the lingering cat dander.  

Jake always said we were 'cat people'.  He definitely is, so he is quite overjoyed to have a cat.  Neither of us grew up with cats, since both of our families prefer dogs, and larger dogs at that.  Our lifestyle right now is perfect for a cat, since they need minimal supervision and maximum independence. 

Pepper has been warming up to us, greeting us in the morning and letting us scratch her head for longer periods.  It will only be a matter of time that she will let us pick her up...maybe.


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