Game Face...

Here I am attempting to meal plan once more.  It's been a lot of trial and error since Adrian was born, and now that I'm buying organic veggies from Grand River Organics every week--and watching bunches of basil and swiss chard rot in my refrigerator-- I would really like to get a handle on the situation.  My mind just hasn't been in the game.  I have a panic attack when I think of having people over for dinner.

"Um, Jake! They're coming over in four hours! What should I make?!"

Yeah.  It's that bad.  **Sidenote: My go-to meal for company has been meatball subs, thanks to Jake's wonderful and reassuring suggestion.  I haven't heard a complaint yet!

So please forgive the repetition--we can move past that, yes?--and let's get started.  

To be continued...

Love, Ashleigh

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