Baking tidbits...

This may very well be my last blog of 2011.  Although it's been a fantastic year, I'm excited to see what God brings in 2012.

This year I tried my hand at some Christmas baking, and I learned a few things.

1. Never bake things that are your favourites.  You will end up eating them all by yourself.
2. Make things appropriate to whichever side of the family you are visiting.  i.e. Don't make the Skor bark for the family that doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.  *See #1*
3. Don't post pictures on Facebook of what you're making unless you intend to bring it to a particular family gathering.  You may disappoint people.
4. Make sure your spouse isn't around while you're baking- unless, of course, you want to hear them beg you for 'One more cookie'.
5. Giving out little Christmas plates of homemade baked goods to neighbours and local businesses that you frequent will warm your heart and theirs.
6. People love non-traditional desserts at the family gathering.  That being said, make sure someone had the foresight to make a Yule log.
7. Make sure your spouse is around while you're baking- unless, of course, you want to expand your middle from that extra lick or scrape of the bowl.
8. Baking is extremely rewarding, as well as extremely stressful.  Learning to balance both sides of the coin can be a painful process.
9. Make sure someone is around to calm you down if you accidentally spill water on your freshly baked Oreo crumb crust.  *See #8*
10.  Bake a lot one day, rest the next day, then take it up again the day after that.  You'll find yourself more productive giving yourself a break in between.

Jake and I will be ringing in the New Year with some wonderful friends, and then celebrating with more family on New Year's Day.  Here's to a happy and healthy 2012.  May God bless you and yours.


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On God's path said...

Love it thanks for sharing your tips :)