Christmas Memories in the Making...

After a broken car, some tears, and a $79 God-send of a flight, Jake and I made it to Quebec City where we spent five days with the whole clan (my side of the family).

Pack 28 people into a massive chalet, and enough mini-stick tournaments to make your head spin, and you've got a fun family Christmas. We had a great time, and aside from wishing I'd saved enough money to ski the slopes of Mont-Saint-Anne, I was so happy that Jake could get to know everyone better. He is now familiar with the names of my aunts and uncles, and had some fun trying to walk around with little cousins attached to his legs. Both Jake and Nathanael (my sister's husband) quickly learned that beards and being married to the coolest sisters this side of the St. Lawrence makes one a popular commodity.

Needless to say, I gained 7 pounds. The food was delicious, and constantly abounding. I couldn't escape it if I tried, so I gave in. And delighted myself in star-shaped chocolate cookies topped with peppermint, and pumpkin cheese-cake, and warm, savoury apple crisp. Yes, this is what I lived for. Not to mention the endless amounts of chocolate covered almonds and gingerbread cookies.

It's safe to say that Ashleigh will be implementing a strict diet of... well, you know how I feel about diets.


It's time to go for a walk...

I am so grateful to the aunts and uncles who made it possible for Jake and I to go (chipping in a little bit to make the unexpected expenses a bit more bearable). I am also grateful that God is always teaching me things, not to mention that he provides in ways we never expect. Oma lent us her car until Saturday, which is such a blessing.

Today was kind of stressful, as we, once again, had to think about what to do about a car. We decided that fixing it up was the best route to go, instead of getting a new one. Please pray as we continue to look for God for strength in such a crazy time!


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On God's path said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your family. While you were at that you created whether you wanted to or not stories that will last a lifetime. I am glad that you arrived safely in Que. as well as back home as well as for the fact that your Oma was so kind to loan you her car until yours is ready. Talk with you soon I hope, much love,