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Since May, I decided I wanted to read more books. I have been out of the fiction scene for a while, but in highschool, my sister (who is still an avid reader) and I would consume Christian fiction books. We would raid the church library, eating them up as if they were wonderful morsels filling our starved minds. I was amazed at her propensity to read, and watched as book after book was written on her tracking sheet; I'm sure she still does it, but she used to rate the books to remind herself if she would ever read it again. I was just as enthralled by books; I remember one time in particular, I was supposed to be studying for my Grade 9 exams, but was instead caught up in a whirling Roman times Christian romance trilogy, each book consisting of easily 500 pages. The captivating words of Francine Rivers in the Mark of the Lion series enlightened me to the world of fiction, and I would be forever enchanted by the way she encorporated the love of our Saviour into her works of writ.

Since May, I have read 19 books. Among those are some non-fiction titles, although my appetite for fiction has grown steadily as I have become more accustomed to reading once again. It truly is an art, and only over time can one get used to sitting for long periods, staring at letters on a page.

I started and finished a book today, and let me tell you, it didn't take much for the author to rivet me with his words. The book is called "Immanuel's Veins", by Ted Dekker. I enjoy this author immensely, as his suspense and mystery is quite thrilling. This book in particular was different than any other I have read, and his allegory for Christ's love and ultimate sacrifice for us was written in a most unusual manner. It is not for everyone, but I encourage you, if you would like to experience a thrilling and captivating story about one man's journey in pursuit of saving his one and only love from the grips of evil, you must read this book.

Once again, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I am leaving for Quebec tomorrow, and most likely won't be online until a week from now. Be blessed by the hope of our loving Saviour!


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