The Diamonds of Time...

I watched an Old Spice commercial where the actor was trying to appeal to women, so they would make their partners buy Old Spice. At one point, he was making a case for how good Old Spice made him look by letting dozens and dozens of diamonds flow through his hand. In other words, women whose partners use Old Spice could have all those diamonds.

Without going into Old Spice and its effectiveness for producing a spate of diamonds, I was once again reminded of how time slips through our fingers, just like those diamonds. In the moment it is shiny, glittering, stunning, there is only one of its kind.

As Dad and I spent most of the day together on Saturday, we revisited some of the time that has passed, and shared some memories, while creating new memories at the same time. We went hiking for about two hours, wading through small, leafy jungles, and exploring cool, moss-covered rocky caverns, enjoying some of the greatest pieces of God's creative masterpieces. We drove and drove, stopping only for an iced coffee at Tim Hortons, laughing at random and curious people, and then relaxing for another couple hours at the bustling beach. We talked about a variety of things, and caught up on some much needed father-daughter time; of this, one does not quickly forget. I am grateful for those diamond moments, those sparkling, precious, rare pieces of articulated beauty. Thank you, Dad, for suggesting this wonderful week-end, complete with time spent with other family as well.

Thank you, my Jesus, for this start of a new journey...



On God's path said...

I miss you my dear! I am glad I saw you briefly Sunday, but you are right that we should join together in fun times again soon. I'll talk with you soon.

Singinglady said...

Hi my darling
So glad that you had a nice week end with the family and that you and your dad were able to have some nice memory building moments together.
I am sure that the next few weeks will be filled with lots of excitement as you move ahead with your wedding plans.
I hope we can talk soon and get caught up with how things are proceeding.
Lots of love and many prayers
NAN xoxo