Peaches and Summer's Not Over Yet...

I made use of the delicious Ontario peaches that are being sold in grocery stores this summer.  Every year I make the resolution to start buying more locally grown foods in order to save some money.  They always say to buy in season, right?  The peaches I bought this week are absolutely heavenly.  I think I've had three already today. What's better than biting in to a succulent, sweet, juicy peach?

Speaking about summer, this weather has been killer.  We don't have AC, so I've just given in to the inevitable-I'm gonna be sweaty, I'm gonna feel sweaty, and it's a reality.  I feel bad for the boys, but in some sense babies don't really notice too much anyway (although their little rosy cheeks don't lie!)

I find myself longing to blog every once in a while, and not knowing what to blog about.  Being a Mom is a big part of my daily life and routine right now, but I don't want a 'Mommy' blog (not that there is anything really wrong with that!) The other inhibitor from blogging has been the lack of a laptop during my downtime during the day (i.e. Jake has the laptop at work when I'm home with the boys, and 'downtime' is whenever they're napping)

However, I recently acquired an iPad mini from a friend (my first Apple product!), complete with a detachable keyboard.  After a little bit of trial and error and a lot of googling "how to connect a keyboard to an ipad mini" I've finally got it working.  I will also add that there is a sense of liberation as I type away on my own device, knowing that nobody else needs it for whatever reason.  I'm extremely grateful to my friend for her kindness, since I've been needing a tablet of some sort for a long while now.

This guy and his hair...it's become such a statement piece.  People are split right down the middle as to whether we should cut it or leave it.  Both Jake and I have agreed to leave it for now.  We all love it and nobody has really mistaken him for a girl because of it.  It's gotten so curly over the summer, with the humidity and all.  

Keep cool in this heat.  We're going to go on a field trip for AC later on. 

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