Vegan Chocolate Pudding Cake...

Gassy babies aren't fun.  That's why some pediatricians recommend that breast-feeding mothers take a sabbatical from dairy products.  It hasn't been easy for Jake and I to figure out meals without dairy, and it's always the products you don't expect that sneak in those modified milk ingredients.  However, I'm happy to go without dairy if it means a happier baby.

The worst for me has been finding desserts that don't have dairy in them. 

>ice cream?
>that sour cream apple pie tart from the neighbour?

Thankfully, one of my friends sent me a link for this vegan chocolate pudding cake.  It's pretty darn amazing, and you wouldn't even know it was made without dairy!  I must admit, it's nice to be back in the kitchen again :)

Not the best picture, but trust me, your taste buds
 will love you!

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