Adrian's Birth Story: Part One...

Oh, Adrian Norman Alexander--where do I begin to describe such a precious gift as him?

Born October 1, 2013 at 5:17 am, weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, his little mewling cry tore through my heart- I was in love forever.  The night before (Monday) I was coming off Day 3 of PG gel (something they use to try to stimulate labour when you're overdue), and hadn't felt much of a contraction for a couple of hours.  The pain was wearing off.  Jake and I were watching a movie when I felt like I peed my pants.  They when I went to the bathroom, I noticed a pinkish colour in the toilet.  I looked at Jake and said, "Well, that's different."  I also had two very painful contractions, also very different from what I'd experienced with the gel insertions.  We called the hospital and they said to come on in, that it sounded like my water was breaking.  We loaded up the car (for the final time!) and then all the way to Hamilton I had contractions.

When we got there, they told me I was 2-3 cm dilated (FINALLY!) so they admitted me and set me up in a labour room.  I laboured from 8pm to about 5am.  About 2 hours into the labour, they decided to put me on a small dose of oxytocin.  As I look back on it, my contractions were probably quite painful due to that.  I could barely stand them.  Mom and Dad got there around 1AM-Dad wasn't supposed to come, but Mom's ride fell through at the last minute.  Dad said 'hi' then went down to the car to get some shut-eye. Jake tried to rest while Mom sat through each contraction with me.  Her presence was much appreciated.  She rubbed my back as I tried to labour on the ball.  The nurse asked me why I wasn't going to take any pain meds, and I said 'No reason, just wanted to try without.'  But honestly, they're actually brutal.  Maybe without the oxytocin it's better, but honestly, I thought I would die.  That's when they told me they were worried about the lack of fetal movement and there was talk of a c-section.  To say I was relieved is an understatement.  I was in so much pain that a c-section sounded wonderful at that point.  So they did some cranial stimulation (tickling the top of the baby's head to elicit movement, and yes, it was painful for me!) then they waited for a while (because they really didn't want to go through with the c-section).  After about 3 tries, nothing changed.  So off went the oxytocin ,and my contractions spaced out even further again-- baby sure didn't want to come out!

We waited for them to set up for the surgery, and Jake had to scrub up (looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself!)
Jake in his scrubs, just before the c-section
Then they took me away to be prepped.  The surgical team was fantastic, and at 4:30am everyone was high-spirited and full of joviality.  They froze me then stretched me out and put up the sheet and got to work.  It was the strangest sensation, not feeling pain but feeling tugging as they worked baby out of me.  They brought Jake in a little later, but he told me after that he had seen all my guts splayed open as they brought him into the room.  We waited and finally they pulled Adrian out, and I heard such sad, sad cries, the saddest I had ever heard, and my heart broke and I started crying too.  They told Jake to have a look over the sheet (again, they're lucky he wasn't a fainter!) and find out the gender.  It was a boy!

Little Adrian
I was so sad when they had to take him over to get weighed/measured/suctioned.  I just wanted to hold him and stop those sad little cries.  The doctor asked me if my tears were happy, and I said 'yes', but mostly they were just full of angst.

Finally, they brought him over all bundled up and placed him on my chest, as I was still being stitched up.  His face was so red, and the first thing I remember thinking is how chubby his cheeks were and I just wanted to breathe him in.  Jake and I fell instantly in love.

With our newest addition to the family :)
After they finished stitching me up, they gave him to me to hold as they wheeled me over to the recovery room.  It felt like he was my little doll, and that he was the best present I had ever received.

Me and my baby
After checking some more vitals, the nurse placed him on me so that he could nurse, which was the craziest experience ever.  It was nice to be able to hold him skin to skin.

Mom and Dad came in and we were all so happy.  Finally, it was time to head over to the ward.  We were to share a room with four other women.  Mom and Dad came back when visiting hours began.


Grandma :)

Before that, Jake had a chance to watch them give Adrian his first bath.  They brought him back and we were just completely enamoured.  For two wonderful days we slept, fed, cuddled, and changed Adrian.

So much love...

To be continued...