Still Waiting...

It's nothing new, or so I've heard, for a first time pregnancy to go past the due date.  We're now +2 into overtime, and that baby hasn't made a peep.  However, thanks to many many prayers, I am feeling quite relaxed and extremely happy to be on a mini-vacation, if you will.  I didn't have to wake up for a 5AM class this morning, and I didn't have to rush my afternoon errands to start one at 5PM, either.

This is what I did instead:

One massive zucchini (yes, that is cut in half!!)
My food processor really helped to speed along
the grating process.

It yielded 25 1/2 cups of grated stuff, perfect for baking!

Here we have a gluten free zucchini brownie, a zucchini loaf,
and 2 dozen zucchini raisin walnut muffins

It's been really hard to resist digging into this smorgasbord, especially when all I want to do is eat, eat, eat!  If baby decides to wait another day, I've still got about 16 cups of grated zucchini to fill up my time, and my belly.


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Anita said...

thinkins of you during this wating period - blessings to you as 'wait' on this little one