Some New Music...

In the summer I bought some new music from HMV online, and just downloaded it onto my MP3 player.  It's actually quite convenient for me.  I don't have an iPod, so this system works pretty well.  Yesterday I decided it was time to buy some more new music.  Lights recently came out with a new CD; in the store it was $12.99, and I bought it online for $9.99.  I love savings like that.  The only downside I can possibly see is that I don't have a hard copy.  To remedy that, I just have to burn a CD.

It feels good to get some new tunes going.  Jake and I have been going through all of our old school Christian music, which isn't a bad thing.  I need some new songs now! 

Also, got my hair updated :) As much as I love long hair, short hair is so freeing, and much easier to take care of.  It's still taking a bit to get used to, but I am enjoying it. 

Hope everyone has a great day!


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