Houston, we have success!

I'm sitting here listening to Albanian music again, trying to ignore my numb fingers while I'm typing. I practiced guitar for probably a half an hour, maybe more, which now constitutes the third time I have done so this week. I heard that if you practice every day you will build up callouses, and then it will stop hurting so much. My problem right now is trying to switch between different chords quickly, but I'm sure it will come. I have learned about six different chords, and I am excited because I was able to play one of my favourite praise and worship songs from Hillsong. So even though my fingers hurt, I feel like I am getting some where, finally :) I haven't played piano in a while, which I miss, but at least I am playing some sort of instrument. I have wanted to play guitar for the longest time, but just have not applied myself. Hopefully I can keep this up, and get better!

I have to work later this afternoon for three hours. I am excited to meet my other coworkers that were hired while I was in the hospital and recovering. It should be interesting.

So, I think I successfully killed my chocolate craving. Last night I bought President's Choice Chocolate chip cookies, which are pretty much my favourite store bought cookies, and I ate the whole first row in one sitting. They were so delicious, and I don't regret one moment, although my hips might regret it later!

I hope you all have a great day.

Love, Ashleigh

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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
I will look forward to hearing you play the guitar at some time in the future.
Maybe you and Josh and Emily will eventually be able to serenade us and by then your fingers should be all hardened up and it won’t be so painful for you.

I hope the job goes well and that you will enjoy your new coworkers.

Do you think that the chocolate cravings are totally gone or are they just “hiding out”, waiting for another “sneak” attack and a moment of weakness.

My fudge and gummy bear cravings are always there, but I have been trying to tell myself that so much sugar is not good for me!
Sometimes “myself” doesn’t always listen to “me” and I just say to heck with it and binge!
I have actually been very good for the past month or so, but I know that one of these days I will break down and treat myself and I will probably eat it all at one sitting!

Hope you are enjoying these warm days and I also hope that you are working at those studies so you can be down with school for a bit and can have some fun time for the summer.

Lots of Love
NAN xoxoxo