Missions Conference

This week, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we had our annual missions conference. It was so fun, and very eye-opening to the things that God is doing around the world. Tonight is the international dinner and cake auction. We raise money for those going on missions trips. It is very well attended, and everyone has a lot of fun.

School was cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday as well, and since most of my classes are on those days, I don't have school!!

As I prepare for my trip, I am starting to get nervous. I'm so excited to be travelling again after almost two years! And to be going to Asia!! It leaves me kind of in shock.

HOpe everyone has a great day!
Love, Ash

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Anonymous said...

Hi again sweet lady.
Always good to see you back in print and hear how things are going with you.
I hope that they do well tonight in the fundraising dinner for the mission’s conference.
It sounds like it will be an interesting and challenging week for you.
No classes! That should give you time to catch up on assignments!
Try to keep calm about the upcoming trip and keep your focus in why are going!
What an experience it will be for you!
Lots of luv
Nan xoxox